Patient Stories

New Hampshire Orthopaedic CenterJoanna Summerlin
Date: 03/22/2017
Provider: Dr. Vladimir A Sinkov, MD
My Story: I have had back pain for years. Never out of pain always on medication or getting shots or physical therapy. Sometimes the pain would have me down for weeks, as I got older it got worse. Eventually .....Read More
New Hampshire Orthopaedic CenterAnita l O'Malley
Date: 10/27/2016
Provider: Drs. Soghikian and Benson.
My Story: Nineteen years ago Dr. Soghikian put my left hip back together. Six months later out running. Have had no issues with it since. I know it's there, but feel great! Because of my running I have had Dr. Benson .....Read More
New Hampshire Orthopaedic CenterKathy McGinnis
Date: 10/10/2016
Provider: Marc Michaud
My Story: It has been 8 months since my Bunionectomy and Osteotomy on my left foot. Before the surgery, my walks were less frequent due to pain and discomfort. Dr. Michaud recommended surgery on the big toe as well as the 2nd .....Read More
New Hampshire Orthopaedic CenterEmilee Lavigne
Date: 07/08/2016
Provider: Dr. Michaud
My Story: When I broke my right foot almost a year ago I was devastated; being an active individual this was a shattering blow to my everyday life. Upon my referral to NH Orthopedics I was instantly relieved by the confidence that .....Read More
New Hampshire Orthopaedic CenterDevi Dawn
Date: 06/06/2016
Provider: Vladimir Sinkov, MD
My Story: Years after surgery on my neck I required a minimally invasive lumbar fusion. I was in crippling pain and had difficulty falling down. Dr. Sinkov had previously discussed this issue and I was mentally prepared and had full faith and .....Read More
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